Finally a recruitment agency to meet your needs !

If you are presently looking for more stimulating and rewarding job that will bring you new challenges, then you are in the right place.

Kartago Services is ready to work with you in planning for your future career, decide the action plan needed and work with you hand-in-hand to achieve your career goals.

Our recruiters are dedicated to helping you and working on your behalf to find you the best job opportunities. We assess each candidate’s career options and expectations to ensure that every job placement is a success.

At Kartago Services we are always on the look-out for dynamic candidates who want to be active in searching for more rewarding job.

Send us you CV here, and we will walk you through the action plan step by step until you get the job offer that meets your expectations.


Kartago Services offers you five investment processes

If you are a first-time user, your first step will be to register and send your CV online.

Your profile will be kept in our database and we will contact you when any new position is likely to interest you.

Whenever there is a job opening, we will pre-screen potential candidates over the phone.

When your profile matches a new position and you passed the telephone pre-screeningstage, the consultant representing that particular client will invite you to a meeting to share all details of that position to gage your interest in it.

After passing the telephone pre-screening and the face to face meeting, your consultant will present you to our client in the best possible manner to provide you with the opportunity of a job interview with him so that you can showcase your qualifications.